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Adventures available

Build the Jungle

Let there be jungle. Build mountains and rivers with sand. Make it rain or snow with your gesture. 3D depth sensor detects the geography you built, the rainwater flows like a real world. Be creative, be almighty.

Protect the Jungle

Throw balls to the screen to get rid of the wicked wizard who bullies the animal in the Jungle. Cooperate with friends. No touchscreen is needed. 

Color the jungle

Your coloring becomes alive. Your imagination does not stay in a sheet of paper anymore. It starts moving on the screen. Color the animal as you want, scan it with a hologram scanner, and voila.

Is it a lion? An elephant? Make a shadow of the animal with your hands. The animal appears on the screen where there is a match. Make as many animals as you can!

Tired of just seeing the animals? Then, be the animals. With camera and sensor technology, you can have a virtual animal mask that perfectly fits you. Change the animal with simple actions, and take a picture with your friend animals.

You don't just see the exhibition anymore

Now touch, feel, and listen to the exhibition

With a little help of our cutting-edge technology 

let your kids explore the world of jungle

Your Imagination comes alive!

Walk with the lights and sounds. Motion sensors on the floor detect your movement and react with audio and video. Feel the mystic atmosphere of the Jungle.

  Jungle Hunter Adventure is a series of interactive contents with both educational and entertaining aspects. Dive into the jungle that recognizes and reacts to your action

Discover the Jungle
Become the Jungle
Feel the Jungle
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