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Smart Class

The class is now connected to smart devices and cutting-edge technologies,

now with Nuri Maker.

"Smart class" won the grand prize!

IN PSPE International Startup Competition 2016


First Step


Understanding the topics
and sharing experience on each topic with friends or teachers

Understanding the topics

with storytelling


Third Step

Sharing what we did and what we learned

in the course 

Expressing thoughts with exhibition and performance


Second Step

Exploring the topics with various materials, including photos, videos, and games

Activities on five core topics of Nuri Course: communication, nature, art,

physical expression, and social relation

What are included

12 textbooks

12 teacher's guides

​Extras : 

  1) Animals cards for AR

  2) English flashcards for AR

Nuri Maker is a set of supporting materials for South Korean official preschool curriculum, Nuri Course.

Nuri Maker consists of the activities improving various abilities of children.

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